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Biofreeze itemsBiofreeze products help you do more with less pain. Biofreeze Pain Reliever is the most frequently used and recommended pain reliever by healthcare providers.

Biofreeze provides penetrating, long lasting relief from arthritis, sore muscles and joints, and back pain. The unique menthol containing formula penetrates quickly, preventing or relieving pain through cold therapy. Biofreeze is 100% paraben-free and propylene glycol-free.

Cervical Pillows

Cerv-Align® Orthopedic Pillow

Cerv-Align pillowThe uniquely curved neck lobe of the Cerv-Align Pillow provides excellent support, placing your neck in the appropriate position for cervical correction. The Cerv-Align also functions well as a conventional pillow by simply rotating the support lobe away from the neck. The larger section gently cradles your head with down-like comfort. Use this side of the pillow to help adjust to sleeping on the cervical lobe.

Maximize Your Comfort And Support

Available in three lobe sizes, this versatile pillow provides both comfort and support. Recommended for back and side sleeping. Covered with high quality, 230 thread count cotton fabric for maximum comfort and durability. The Cerv-Align’s patented pillow fitting system ensures a proper fit for any body type. (Find our Cerv-Align fitting guide and instructions online at Fits a standard pillowcase. 24”x 16” (61cm x 41cm).

Tri-Core® Cervical

Cervical PillowOur most requested fiber support pillow provides softer support and lasts longer than traditional pillows. The trapezoid-shaped center delivers great orthopedic benefits; cradling the head and firmly supporting the neck.

Two different sized lobes provide a better fit for different sized sleepers. Side lobes are taller for side sleeping. High resiliency fiber springs back when compressed for exceptional comfort and durability. Blended cotton cover is breathable and soft to the touch. Fits a standard pillowcase. 24”x 16” (61cm x 41cm).

Maximize Your Comfort And Support

Our fiber pillows are designed specifically with the neck and back in mind. CHOOSE the firm support of our Standard Tri-Core Pillow or the Gentle Tri-Core Pillow with slightly less fiber and height. If you are new to a cervical support pillow, it may take time to adjust; this is the pillow working to help restore proper cervical curve during sleep.

  • Tri-Core Full Size – 24×16″ (61cm x 41cm)
  • Tri-Core Mid Size (Mid-Core) – 22×15″ (56cm x 38cm)
  • Tri-Core Petite Size (Petite Core) – 19×12″ (48cm x 38cm)

The Chiroflow Professional Waterbase pillow

Is fully adjustable to any preference – the choice is yours, soft medium, or firm. Chiroflow pillows are water based so they respond to head movement – no more waking up to fluff and re-stuff. Proper cervical support all night long even as you change sleeping positions. Only Chiroflow pillows are filled with our exclusive StāLoft© Dacron Hollofil© for superior comfort and longer lasting support. High quality threads count. It comes with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty as well as a 30 day no questions asked satisfaction guarantee.

Hot / Cold Packs

Hot and Cold PacksProfessional packs for treating injuries with hot or cold therapy. Soft “frost-free” cover is gentle against the skin and does not need to be wrapped in a towel. Core Comfort Packs use biodegradable fill that retains therapeutic temperatures longer than other packs. We offer three sizes for all your needs.

Nutritional Supplements

Overwhelming research has shown that many of the health conditions prevalent in today’s population are caused (at least in part) by poor diet and a lack of adequate exercise. Nutritional supplements can greatly assist you in obtaining the nutrients you need in order to defend yourself from poor health. We offer high quality nutritional supplements to help support your dietary needs. Poor nutrition can be a factor in your pain. Come in today for a consultation and let our doctors evaluate what you may be lacking in your diet.

Foot Levelers

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